Station #11

8 Views on Being Alone

Various artists from Shepherd
colored pencils and crayon on paper

These “color emotion” works were created by 8 individuals using these rules: 1. Think about the specific emotion – how it feels deep in your core. 2. Now express that emotion as it comes into your hand using basic elements of art: line, form, space, and shape. 3. You many not draw any objects or use any symbols.

The concept behind these 3 works is to encourage the “artist within” and not use judgment about how “good” the work is. It is simply an expression of how we feel.

The three emotions take us on a journey to the cross: alone in the garden, grief in crucifixion, and peace that comes in the hope of resurrection.

Notice the differences and similarities used to express being alone in the use of color (blacks, dark blues, and purples), line, and shape give form to being isolated from others.

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